Time to spark a change

Featured artist: DJ Rell – Time to spark a change

As part of our ongoing “Rap’s New Generation” series, today we sat down with the upcoming underground artist DJ Rell from Detroit to talk about his recent music, his upcoming projects, his career advice and his overall experiences being in the music industry and he did not disappoint…

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, DJ Rell! Let’s go back to the beginning of your career. How did you decide to become an artist?

DJ Rell: I became an artist to help kids around the world with seizures and let them know its okay to be different because they don’t understand what we go through Im on a mission.

My advice I got about being a artist is from my manager GQ he told me dont worry about others words there just words go out there and be the best you can be dont change yourself for nobody always be you haters are always gonna hate

DJ Rell

What about concerts? Do you play live?

If I ever get booked to play i have played live shows and at nightclubs and sometimes I do play at events and give perfomances

Best punchline you ever wrote?

Best punchline
Fuck the haters they aint shit
bro why u always on my head
Im feeling Lucky like Kyrie

DJ Rell

What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Im currently working on some songs and a new mixtape dropping next year I dropped a couple songs 2 days ago.

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Well honestly I would sign with a manager but I love my music and being my typical self and I dont want nobody changing who I am because i do this music with a purpose and a mission to show kids just cause we have seizures it wont stop us from our goal be the best you fuck the rest

Any last words?

I wanna give a S/O to all people who believe in me my trophy TayTay ,my co workers Margret,Alena,Destiny,Courtney, Ned, Miguel,Cole, Kye, Tywanna,Rod, Tamia and my managers Christine,Diana, and Alicia the best people in my life my coaches for giving me oppurtunities God for getting me through all my problems and helping me and my time of need and

Where can people follow you to stay up-to-date?

DJ Rell: Http://www.Instagram.com/official.terrell33

Thank you for your time. We wish you much success in your further career.

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