Pimp of the City is Now, Pimp of the Nation

Featured artist: Natalac – Pimp of the City is Now, Pimp of the Nation

As part of our ongoing “Rap’s New Generation” series, today we sat down with the upcoming underground artist Natalac from Jacksonville to talk about his recent music, his upcoming projects, his career advice and his overall experiences being in the music industry and he did not disappoint…

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Natalac! Let’s go back to the beginning of your career. How did you decide to become an artist?

Natalac: I always had something to say so & since i could always captivate peoples attention without a beat so i knew i could do it with a beat.. ya know.

No cryin’ in hip hop was the best advice I ever got in hip hop so seeing so many rappers cryin’ bout their career ain’t where they wanted it. I think it’s really feminine.


What about concerts? Do you play live?

Yes, I perform live with a band sometimes if the budget allows that or I just do it solo.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

I don't want much, just all You got


What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Working with my young Pimp protege Mr Smith aka Boss Money and His Record Do your Thang. I'm also working on my last album Pimp of the Nation with La Chat & Benzino doing shows staying busy, ya know

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

The only way I’d sign a deal at my stage of the game is if it’s a good contract – means, if my lawyer, who knows me says it’s a good deal for my future.. I really don't like giving up my authority to make my own moves cuz i own 3 biz and im the Ceo of each.. Natalac Records, Natalac Express & Masters Touch Hair Institute. So being someones bitch ain’t happening to the Pimp

Any last words?

Yep I wanna shout out Benzino, La Chat, Project Pat, Keak da Sneak, Ying Yang Twins, Mr Smith aka Boss Money, Tweed Cadillac, Mr. Mince, Nuke Fie, Haze Karolina, professor Hoe Tester, Drumlordz Shawty, Master D, Trustee, Charles Lester, Cyp Davis, Really Can’t Name everyone But, Lets just say I'm Heavily Connected.

Where can people follow you to stay up-to-date?

Natalac: http://TinyUrl.com/Natalac

Thank you for your time. We wish you much success in your further career.

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