The Underdog

Featured artist: E.Z.E – The Underdog

Below is a short interview with the upcoming underground artist E.Z.E.

How did you decide to become an artist?

E.Z.E: I became an artist because i have a deep passionate love for music and it was also the only way i knew how to express my feelings

The best advice i was given was to always stay yourself and take constructive criticism as a way to better your craft


What about concerts? Do you play live?

Yes i play love whenever i have a show..and should have some shows coming up next month

Best punchline you ever wrote?

Only thing i fear is what i ever wanted, so i face my fears i aint never running


What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Right now im working on my next mixtape..going thru the process of that and last year i released my first mixtape ever "L.O.V.E The Beginning" on April 15th 2016. It is on right now!!!! Download and take a listen.

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Honestly if you need that push and big time marketing sign with a major label but make sure u read what u sign and if you feel as if you dont need a label and got a nice buzz from investingin yourself then stay independent

Any last words?

Big Shoutout to my bros Kid, Sudlah, Leaf, Millz, And to my family and friends who supported me and also a big shoutout to my hometown Baltimore, Maryland

Where can we contact you?

E.Z.E: Twitter @EzeAllDay410

Thank you for your time. We wish you and your career the success it deserves.

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