Live From the Isle

Featured artist: KG the Kidd – Live From the Isle

Below is a short interview with the upcoming underground artist KG the Kidd.

How did you decide to become an artist?

KG the Kidd: Well, when I was young I enjoyed writing poetry and along the way I heard about rappers like Common and Tupac writing rhymes like it was poetry with a beat, being inspired so young I was "hey those guys are really no different then me as a kid". I wanted to be an artist so my could put my two passions; Music and Poetry into one which is something you don't hear from the South these days

The best advice given to me was to know that I won't please everyone with my music, but never to give up on my dream no matter how big it is, I've wrote raps since I was 13 and I still live by those words to this day

KG the Kidd

What about concerts? Do you play live?

I haven't given a live concert yet, but I would love to play a live show, it would a dope experience.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

The bigger the scheme, the smaller the team, the longer the green, the realer the dream

KG the Kidd

What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Right now I'm just making music with other producers i've met and trying to really get my name out there. I've made a mixtape in the past called "Ivory Knights" and I'm planning on making a mixtape later this summer

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

I might, but I would sign to a smaller label over a major label if given the chance. Pros of being in major label to me are that money becomes less of an issue and you work next to some of the biggest names in that label which is dope, cons are that the music becomes theirs not yours, if your selling singles or albums like they expect you to then they'll push you to the back of the line until they want you again. I feel like indie labels are just closer and work more like family business so i'd love a record contract from smaller labels definitely

Any last words?

Shout out to my sisters in college and my Mom and Pops for never giving up on me, I couldn't ask for a better family. and Shout Out to my homies who have faith in me equally as much too.

Where can we contact you?

KG the Kidd:

Thank you for your time. We wish you and your career the success it deserves.

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